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Thursday, March 08, 2007

AI- Top 12 Results

Okay, color me surprised.

Because while I got my wish and Antonella "looks good in a paper bag but can't sing her way out of it" Barba went home, and while it was a tough choice between Sundance and Sanjaya who I thought both sang badly this week, I would NEVER have believed that Phil Stacy would stay on the show after that god-awful rendition of a LeeAnn Rimes song while Jared Cotter was voted off. And I'm really stunned that Haley "Simon can't remember my name because I'm boring" Scarnato is staying while Sabrina Sloan, a professionally trained vocalist, is going home.

Well, I have to hand it to IDOL because the show definitely hold my interest and is full of surprises. Speaking of which- does anyone else think the "American Idol Gives Back" is a load of self-serving, self-promoting crap? Wow, for two whole shows the sponsors- not the show producers- will donate (you notice they don't say how much) to charity. Since malaria is a much bigger problem than even AIDS, I would have liked to see IDOL make a direct million-dollar donation (less than half of what they charge advertisers) instead of patting themsleves on the back for two days.

On a lighter note.... As for next Tuesday, I'm not sure I can handle two hours of Diana Ross...

Oh who am I kidding? I'll be watching


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