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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

IDOL- Top 8 Tues & Wed

I was at a community association meeting and missed the first three contestants (Although based on the recap at the end of the show, I'm glad I missed Antonella, who I really hope leaves the show tomorrow).

[Oh and by the way, does anyone else notice that Ryan shakes hands with and hugs the guys but doesn't touch the girls unless they ask like Lakisha did tonight?]

Haley sang something I'm unfamiliar with that was completely forgettable and I think she's going home tomorrow.

Stephanie seemed at ease on stage with "Sweet Thing" and has a nice voice. I thought she went flat on the low notes but otherwise it was a good performance.

Lakisha started a beat behind the band and I give her credit for trying to make "Close One More Door" different. She's going all the way but I hate that sausage dress they put her in tonight!

I think that even if Gina doesn't go that far she can look back on tonight and say she had a great time. She seemed to have some breath control problems but other than that she was really good.

"Cause I'm a Woman" was not my favorite song choice for Melinda (Too wordy and staccato) but I give her all kinds of credit for pushing the envelope. I didn't think such a sweet girl could do a raw song and I was wrong she gave a great performance and I dare say she is Simon's favorite.

Blake started the night with a song by 3-11. He has a good voice but I couldn't understand a word eh said and apparently neither could Simon. The judges liked his originality but I thought it was an average performance

Sanjaya was next with aweak rendition of "Waitin' on the World to Change". His voice is too bubblegum to do justice to an 'anthem'. He's a sweet kid but he's out of his league in this competition (and he needs to cut his hair so we can see his pretty face!). I expect him to go home this week

I liked Sundance's sense of humor in the behind-the-scenes- video but I didn't like the Pearl Jam song. It was the wrong choice and won't appeal across the audience. Also I don't think he sang it that well. He needs to go home, too.

Chris R tried to be different with a Keith Urban song and I like that he's not afraid to try different sounds. But even though he still hasn't wowed me, he'll go far in this competition.

Jared seemed like he was having a lot of fun and he has a very nice voice. But "If You Really Love Me' was a copy of Stevie Wonder- he didn't make it his own. That said there were worse performances and Jared will be here next week.

I thought Brandon gave one of if not the best performance of the night with "I Just Wanna Celebrate". He started good, had fun and gave a nice performance and finished well. Look for him to go far.

Okay Sundance may last another week after all because Phil stunk up th eplace. His choice of a Leanne Rime song was horrendous. His voice was all over the place- weak and breathy- and just Yuck. See ya Phil.

Last but definitely not least was Chris S. with a song called "We All Wanna Be Loved" (I think). He started strong and finished stronger and he'll go to the finals in my opinion. Now if the stylist can just change his glasses and cut his hair...

MY CUTS: Antonella, Haley, Phil and Sanjaya



At 8:40 AM, Blogger Jill Monroe said...

Mia - I agree with you 100% on who to cut.

I'm having a love/hate thing going with Chris Sligh's hair. Did you see the pic of him when his hair was short?

At 10:24 PM, Blogger MiaZ said...

You mean his wedding picture? He was really cute 50 lbs light and with short hair. Once he makes the top 12 though, the stylists will have at him and hopefully clean him up abit.


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